Seller’s Guide

kevin daniells isle of wight estate agents sellers guide

Getting the Asking Price Right

Selling a property is not just a case of calling an Estate Agent and asking them to come around to your property.  As a seller, consider about the presentation of your home.  You wouldn’t take your car for a possible trade-in at a garage without running it through the car wash first and the same principle applies to your home.

Presentation is the key and it can make a tremendous difference to the value and the speed at which your property will sell.  Consider the following:

  1. Is the garden tidy with the grass cut etc.
  2. Does the front door need a paint – remember, it is the first and last thing potential buyers will see.
  3. Remove ALL clutter from work surfaces within the kitchen and ensure the property is tidy.
  4. If you have animals, please make sure that the house does not smell – it is so off putting.  Also, when the Agents come around or if there are any viewings, make sure that your pets are not around.  People are there to see the property.
  5. Bathrooms and kitchens are of the most importance.  Mouldy sealant should be replaced, but above all they should be clean and smelling fresh.  They are the rooms that get the most scrutiny and the rooms that will affect the value of your home the most.

Getting the right price really is in your hands.  An Agent can put any price on a property, but unless it stands out from the competition and it is priced correctly it just will not sell.  When you are with the Agent, ask they how they have come up with their valuation and on what grounds has it been based.  They should be able to tell you what has been on in the area and whether it has sold.  These comparables are always a good basis for fixing your own asking price.

Finding the Right Agent

At the end of the day this is as important as choosing the right Lawyer.  There are lots of Agents out there offering all kinds of things.  Some will offer you an inflated valuation to get your business and then spend the next 6 weeks trying to get you to reduce.  Others will say good-bye after they have taken the details and you won’t see them again.  As with all businesses there are good and bad.  Our advice to you is to ask your friends if they have heard of the service levels offered by the Agents you are thinking about asking around for a valuation – after all, word of mouth is the best way to find a quality trades-person.

Perhaps the biggest complaint from the General Public is that they never had any feedback from people that viewed their property.  We are sticklers for this and believe it is an integral part of the service we offer.  There might be something blatantly obvious that we have missed that is deterring people from making an offer and getting the feedback helps us to gain a great insight in to what potential buyers think of your home and its’ value.

Choosing a Lawyer

The complexities of the legal process for selling a property are quite frankly a minefield.  That is why it is imperative to ensure that you find a Solicitor who is going to report back to you and keep you in the loop, as well as explain things clearly for you.  That is why from our years of experience we would recommend one of the following:

Jacob Sandbackwheelers solicitors isle of wight

Paul Wheeler Solicitors, 

143 High St, Newport. PO30 1TY

Tel: 01983 562201





Mark Butterymark buttery isle of wight conveyancing

Terrence Willey & Co,

27a Cross Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight. PO33 2AA

Tel: 01983 811222


Negotiating the selling Price

This is the bit where the seller and buyer usually get embarrassed.  Nobody likes talking about money for fear of insulting one another.  Some people can do it, but our advice is to let it go through the Agent and let them act as a buffer.  Insist that all offers are submitted in writing (by email) and that way both parties have a paper trail for their own protection and reassurance that the Agent is acting professionally.

The Sale Process

Once you have agreed a price for your property, this is where the nail biting starts.  This anxious time can be made so much more bearable with the correct lawyer.  Below are the basic steps to getting the sale through to fruition.

Step Description
1 Once a price has been negotiated the Agent will prepare a Memorandum of Sale which is sent to all parties to introduce one another and the legal process begins.
2 Your Solicitor will contact you so that you can provide information such as a fixtures and fittings list of what is being left behind and what has been included/negotiated in the sale.  They will also ask you where the deeds to your property are so that they can start to prepare the draft contract that will be sent to your buyers.
3 Once all the relevant information is in and the draft contract has been sent to the purchasers Lawyer, your Lawyer will answer any questions that may have arisen.  Once those have been replied to and all parties are happy, your Lawyer will ask you into the office to arrange a signing of the contract, so that they have the document ready to exchange contracts when everybody is in a position to do so.
4 Exchange of contracts is when the deposit is paid for your property and the documentation becomes binding.  It is not when you move out of the property.  This happens on completion and this date will be specified on exchange.
5 Well, completion is the day that you leave your home.  It is the date that the new buyers take over legal ownership of the property and you move on to pastures new.